PBS Desktop

Monitor, steer, fix and rerun workloads on your local desktop

PBS Desktop is a job submission portal that simplifies the management of distributed, often complex server configurations, designed to meet the critical need for end-user productivity.

Installed on end-users local workstations, PBS Desktop provides full monitoring of queued and running jobs and removes the burden of uploading input files and downloading results files. Input files can be selected and uploaded through the GUI. It has the unique capability to automatically deliver results files back to the user’s local system once jobs have completed. Many administrative tasks – for one or multiple PBS complexes – can be performed from a single management console.

With PBS Desktop users can:

  • Interact with its powerful 'drag and drop' GUI for submitting, monitoring and managing workloads connected to PBS Professional compute nodes within their HPC system.

  • Create tasks at hand. End-user productivity improves since there are no complicated commands to learn. With minimal configuration, PBS Desktop automates the job submission process, allowing users to spend more time creating better models and simulations.

  • Have the knowledge of their workload process. PBS Desktop understands your applications and how they work. It automatically fills in key input parameters, like the number of processors and amount of memory required.
Once you have rapidly configured PBS Desktop for your workloads, whether engineering applications like RADIOSS, or your own applications, PBS Desktop makes submitting and monitoring jobs to PBS Professional execution queues simple and error free.

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