PBS Professional and HP Insight CMU

PBS Professional is fully integrated with HP’s Insight Cluster Management Utility (CMU), automating 80% or more of administrator’s cluster and workload management tasks.

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The CMU PBS Professional Connector provides seamless integration between PBS Professional and HP’s Insight CMU, simplifying cluster deployment and management for users and administrators. Following HP’s best practices for Insight CMU integration, the Connector automates the most commonly used tasks for managing a PBS Professional cluster via Insight CMU.

Integration highlights:

  • Connector approach automates the majority of common admin tasks using HP’s preferred method for integration
  • Dynamic creation of node groups in the Insight CMU GUI when jobs are executed, so admins and users can easily see utilization and performance metrics related to all nodes where a certain job is running
  • Dynamic OS provisioning based on workload in queues, with automatic GUI updates, so PBS Professional can comprehend all existing OS images that can be provisioned on nodes
  • Integrated PBS Professional menus in Insight CMU’s GUI for registering nodes, onlining/offlining (or “draining”) nodes, enabling OS provisioning, deleting jobs and much more
  • Easy access to data on jobs and reservations, including which jobs are running, suspended or checkpointed on nodes
  • Automatic network topology configuration so PBS Professional can optimally place jobs on appropriate network entities
  • Maintenance mode support allowing admins to move 'bad' nodes into maintenance mode for troubleshooting without competing with users’ jobs
  • One-click access to online resources including PBS Professional documentation, user forums and support

Benefits to admin/users:

  • Improved visibility into utilization and performance metrics
  • Improved access to job data (e.g. jobs on cluster, reservations on cluster...)
  • Simplified management (admins can easily perform numerous tasks without needing to open a terminal window)
  • Optimized job placement via automatic topology configuration
  • Very easy to install
  • Easily extensible for site-specific customizations
  • One-click access to support resources

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