Display Manager

Display Manager is PBS Works’ portal for remote visualization of applications and data, allowing users to easily and effectively collaborate on big data and files.
Display Manager is a portal within the integrated PBS Works product suite, providing users the ability to remotely visualize and interact with their data and applications, even across challenging data latency networks.

Why Display Manager?

  • Collaborate easily from multiple locations by viewing & editing application data without have to download
  • Visualize big data files remotely without file downloads
  • Be more efficient with easy and accessible data collaboration tools
  • Optimize resource utilization by consolidating hardware and software centrally
  • Allow engineers to take corrective action without downloading huge results files for running jobs
  • Reduce IT overhead for engineers – let them focus on their work and not on data movement issues
“Display Manager is our most significant functionality update since the move to HPC itself. In most cases we are saving a full day of time or more. I cannot begin to describe how much Display Manager has changed our lives and is already speeding up our process.”
– Eric Morales, Engineer and Design Analyst, PING, Inc
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Display Manager Capabilities

Display Manager is fully integrated with the rest of the PBS Works suite to deliver a rich user experience that goes beyond simple remote visualization.

  • Zero data movement: Only pixels are transferred -- prohibitive times associated with the data transfer are eliminated
  • Rapid collaboration: Instantly collaborate on large volumes of data in the comfort of a familiar interactive application, anywhere and anytime; cooperate with remote colleagues by sharing session views and controls across-WAN links
  • Rich experience: Adaptive data compression algorithms based on the network bandwidth and latency provides a rich experience, even on challenging networks
  • Flexible application resource allocation: Accommodates complex application setup through Compute Manager integration for advanced application specific requirements
  • Optimized resource management: Integration with PBS Professional allows optimized provisioning of applications on graphical and computing resources for maximum utilization
  • Open architecture: Allows usage of third party applications without the need for additional software development
  • Instantaneous application invocation: Simple, easy to use and application-specific interface that requires no learning, simplifying management and allowing engineers to focus on their work rather than IT issues
  • Resiliency: Continuity of remote application sessions across network connectivity disruptions
  • Flexibility: Allows access to the same remote session from multiple locations using different client machines: Office access, customer location access, home access etc.
  • Manageability: Applications can be easily added and removed.
  • Resource monitoring and accounting: Integrated with PBS Professional and PBS Analytics

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