PBS Professional Benefits

PBS Professional delivers key benefits to users in a wide range of industries, by providing fast, powerful scheduling and simplified workload management.

Save Time and Money

Reduced runtimes by over 60%.”Biogemma
Tens of millions of dollars in upfront savings.”Lockheed Martin
  • Increase ROI on hardware and software investments by driving up application performance, reducing support costs, and keeping system utilization in the 90-99% range
  • Spend less on power and data center footprint
  • Get results faster
  • Save time with faster job execution, automated tasks and simplified, streamlined management

Win Competitive Advantage

We’ll be running orders of magnitude more cores than in the past….PBS will play a central role in enabling us to do that well.”Chrysler
  • Deliver higher-quality products faster
  • Maximize performance with higher scalability and throughput, optimized and topology-aware job placement, and increased system availability and uptime
  • Invest in a solution that will scale with you and is flexible enough to meet ever-increasing customization requirements
  • Be prepared for game-changing new technologies (e.g. cloud, Xeon Phi)

Ensure User Satisfaction

All our users are very happy.”CILEA/CINECA
Admin overhead is reduced significantly.”IT4I
  • Make it easier to use and manage HPC systems – PBS Pro simplifies HPC with fast, easy job submission, job arrays, user-friendly GUIs, plus integration with the leading suite of portal-based management products
  • Meet complex requirements via intelligent workload management, policy-based scheduling and a flexible, easy to use plugin framework for customizations
  • Ensure your team gets the best, most responsive global support

Gain Peace of Mind

Altair… drew on their engineering expertise to make creative suggestions. They are problem solvers.”GE Oil & Gas
  • Get first-rate customer service with global support in 20 countries from Altair’s experts, the leaders in HPC workload management client satisfaction
  • Reduce risk with market-leading technology and supplier staying power
  • Know your supplier plays well in the technology ecosystem
  • Stay secure with the industry leader in HPC workload management security (offering EAL3+ certification and RedHat SELinux cross-domain security support)Improve job completion rates with smart scheduling to prevent job failures, and ensure workload requirements are met
  • Ensure solution longevity with a 30+ year commercial leader known for top-quality products and satisfied users

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