Compute Manager

Compute Manager is PBS Works’ application for web-based job submission, management and monitoring – simplifying HPC for end users.
Compute Manager is a job submission and management portal that hides the complexities of high performance computing (HPC). With Compute Manager, users gain a simple, powerful and consistent interface for submitting and monitoring jobs to remote clusters, clouds or other resources – so end users only have to concern themselves with the data and applications they wish to run, and nothing more.

Why Compute Manager?

  • Save time: Simplify job submission and management thanks to a powerful GUI with smart, simplified interfaces
  • Be more productive: Spend more time focused on work and not IT tasks - for example, monitor jobs graphically without having to download huge job files
  • Increase ROI: Consolidate access to applications and optimize license availability
  • Reduce errors and improve consistency: Embed your company's best-practice "know how" directly into Application Definitions used for job submission
“Compute Manager simply makes HPC easier – it’s a key addition to our HPC environment and really enhances the value of our PBS Works implementation.”
University of Nottingham
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Compute Manager Capabilities

Submitting and Monitoring Jobs
  • Easily submit jobs using Compute Manager’s web GUI, offering simple "drag-and-drop" interfaces with pre-populated defaults
  • Easily define and configure applications for job submission via PBS Application Services (PAS)
  • Minimize the effort needed to write, modify and test complex application scripts
  • Save commonly used applications and inputs as profiles
Managing Remote Files and Data
  • Get real-time access to the cluster remote file system
  • Easily browse & modify remote files
  • Use standard, familiar file operation tools
  • Automate staging of input and output files
  • Explore huge datasets directly on the server side
  • Easily filter and group jobs to get clarity on HPC workloads
Reviewing Results
  • Results Visualization Service: A tightly integrated extension to Compute Manager that allows exploration of huge data sets directly on the server side
    • Allows visualization of animation and plot data for running and completed jobs through the Compute Manager file viewer
    • Simplified handling of result files from applications like RADIOSS or other HyperWorks solvers, or 3rd party application animations
    • Accessible from Job Monitoring interface as well as Remote File Browser
    • Provides advanced job monitoring capability by inspecting and visualizing data from application log files
    • Provides ability to remotely execute/save templates for extracting and visualizing results from result files
Access Management
  • Access Management Service: Easy to use graphical interface for managing access controls and policies for users
    • Specify which users and/or groups can use certain applications
    • Share application profiles with specific users and/or groups

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