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Delivering HPC technical cloud computing solutions

Altair's technical cloud solutions address the unique needs of enterprises by simplifying access to an HPC infrastructure, allowing engineers and scientists to focus on their work rather than how and where their jobs are executed. Powered by PBS Professional, Altair's cloud-based solutions HyperWorks On-Demand and HyperWorks Unlimited provide users with a secured, cloud-based platform to run, monitor and manage their simulations and meet their computing needs.

HyperWorks On Demand, Altair's public cloud solution, brings software, platform and infrastructure as a service – SaaS, PaaS and IaaS – to users within a single and intuitive portal. It leverages Altair’s patented licensing system, providing access to a selection of the HyperWorks products and a modern, scalable HPC infrastructure through a secure and efficient web-based platform. The HyperWorks On-Demand platform leverages the market-leading HPC workload manager, PBS Professional, as well as state-of-the-art job submission, monitoring and analytics web portals for efficient resource utilization.

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HyperWorks Unlimited, Altair's managed, private cloud solution with fully configured hardware and software, offers customers unlimited use of all Altair software within the appliance. The appliance contains unlimited HyperWorks Unit (HWU) licenses for usage within the device for massive virtual exploration. It reduces business operational expenses in setting up and supporting HPC infrastructure and software.

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