PBS Analytics

Visualize historical usage for optimized returns on HPC investments

PBS Analytics™ is an easy to use job accounting and reporting solution that provides PBS Works administrators with advanced analytics to support data-driven planning and decision making. Easily extensible to meet your unique requirements, data from multiple PBS Professional® servers can be consolidated, providing a global view of your HPC usage for chargeback, capacity planning, troubleshooting and project management.

“PBS Analytics is a trusted tool that we rely on extensively. It’s highly customizable and easy to use, enabling us to analyze usage of HPC resources so that we can plan and correctly identify new business opportunities.” – SelexES SpA

Companies and institutions of all sizes use high performance computing to develop innovative new products and create entirely new markets. As a result, application workloads have become much larger and more complex than ever before. Comprehensive and robust analysis and visualization features are needed to help ensure limited computing resources are being used effectively and efficiently. As a core part of a PBS Works solution, PBS Analytics turns oceans of data into insight, knowledge and intelligence.

PBS Analytics 12.3 highlights include:

  • New Chart Designer: Provides more flexibility in creating clean, concise charts, including additional chart options (such as XYZ plots), to furnish a deeper understanding of the organization’s HPC infrastructure and better root-cause analysis. Additional Chart Calculation and FAQ documents included.

  • New Presentation Capabilities: Create slideshows to display key metrics to support staff (in the operations center) or as a showpiece (in the main lobby). Combine charts, dashboards, and even your own custom content into a continuous, looping display of up-to-date status of your HPC environment.

  • Fast, Snappy, Robust Performance: Analyze big data quickly and easily leveraging a new, high-performance database and more robust data collectors.

  • New Utilization Charts: Analyze the utilization adjusted for configuration of the system, accounting for addition
 or deletion of nodes over time. Improves IT efficiency and justifies IT investments by illuminating actual usage and by uncovering usage hot spots.

  • Fully customizable: Supports PBS Professional custom resources (software licenses, scratch space, etc.), and even define custom metrics to meet unique requirements.

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