Compute Manager

Run, monitor and manage workloads and results on distributed resources

Altair offers a novel set of software modules, making the management of simulation data a natural and enjoyable experience. The integration of Altair's HyperWorks® simulation tools with PBS Works™ workload management solutions increases high-performance computing (HPC) productivity, providing users with a reliable and affordable enterprise HPC platform.

Key highlights in Compute Manager 12.0:

  • Access Management Service:
    New and easy to use graphical interface for managing the access controls and policies for users
  • 1.5x Faster: A single instance of Compute Manager now handles over 500,000 jobs
  • Scales to 500 Users: New load balancing support (BETA) enables a highly redundant, highly scalable configuration
  • Handles Big Data: Tightly integrated Results Visualization service and new Display Manager allow exploration of huge datasets directly on the server-side
With Compute Manager users can:
  • Set up simulation jobs on distributed resources with easily configurable applications definitions

  • Monitor workloads on distributed resources, both graphically and analytically

  • Manage simulation jobs, visualizing data and results remotely

  • Enable secure and immediate access to distributed resources from virtually any Internet-enabled device

Contact an Altair account manager today to learn how Compute Manager can benefit you.

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