Compute Manager

Simplify HPC Job Submission, Management and Monitoring

Compute Manager is a web-based job submission and management portal that hides the complexities of high performance computing (HPC). With Compute Manager, users gain a simple, powerful and consistent interface for submitting and monitoring jobs to remote clusters, clouds or other resources – so end users only have to concern themselves with the data and applications they wish to run, and nothing more.

Why Compute Manager ?

  • Save time:
    With Compute Manager it's easy to submit jobs and manage data, thanks to a powerful GUI with
    smart, simplified interfaces
  • Be more productive: Engineers can
    spend more time focused on their work and not get bogged down in complex IT tasks
  • Increase ROI: Consolidate access to
    applications and optimize license availability, to extract more value from software investments
  • Reduce errors and improve
    Embed your company's best-practice "know how" directly into Application Definitions used for job submission
With Compute Manager users can:
  • Set up simulation jobs on distributed resources with easily configurable applications definitions

  • Monitor workloads on distributed resources, both graphically and analytically

  • Manage simulation jobs, visualizing data and results remotely

  • Enable secure and immediate access to distributed resources from virtually any Internet-enabled device

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Contact an Altair account manager today to learn how Compute Manager can benefit you.

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