PBS Professional

The Trusted Leader in HPC Workload Management

PBS Professional is Altair's market-leading workload manager and job scheduler for high-performance computing (HPC) environments, used by thousands of companies worldwide to improve productivity, optimize resource utilization & efficiency, and simplify the process of cluster workload management.

"PBS Professional is the right choice for any production systems with complex and changing requirements, from departmental to large-scale computing systems. The product's flexibility, and the company's expertise and support, is simply unparalleled."
--Fujitsu (Read the Fujitsu/NCI case study)

Watch our video on PBS Professional's benefits in gaining the most out of your HPC environment.

Why PBS Professional?

  • Proven for over 20 years at thousands of sites

  • Market-leading security and scalability

  • Flexible plug-in framework to customize and extend your environment

  • Global support with experts in 20 countries

  • For more details on PBS Professional features and benefits, click here

Click here to download the latest version or request a free trial.
Release notes and reference guides can be found on our documentations page.
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