Tailored Application Portals

Raising end user productivity – Making HPC highly productive

The Application Services component of PBS Professional allows users to quickly create application portals that boost productivity and accelerate innovation.

Benefits of PBS Professional Application Services:

  • Define the services needed to integrate custom or third party vertical applications

  • Standards-based service interfaces and APIs for web access, security, and HPC Basic Profile

  • Create and provide a customized but cost effective Software as a Service (SaaS) based access and delivery

  • Customized application definition files can be shared across all supported platforms

Companies and institutions around the world are discovering the benefits of high-performance computing (HPC): investments in HPC allow them to model, simulate and solve today’s most challenging problems – more quickly, more cost effectively and more easily than ever before. Investments in HPC go beyond saving time and money. They also enable companies to investigate more design possibilities, to be more creative, and to deliver new products to markets sooner.

While commercial workload management software, like PBS Professional, plays a vital role in ensuring all computing resources are wisely used, PBS Works’ solutions can be customized to meet unique requirements. Companies using PBS Works have achieved significant cost savings by creating tailored application portals that increase end-user productivity.

Built from the combination of PBS Professional and Application Services, tailored application portals allow engineers, animators and research scientists to access the muscle of their PBS Works powered data center.

Application Services uses a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) design to provide an array of customizable services for creating an integrated application aware solution. Specifically, Application Services communicates with your PBS Professional servers and compute nodes. Application administrators can use Application Services to create custom, solver specific application definitions. Leveraging key industry standards like the Open Grid Forum High Performance Computing Basic Profile, Application Services makes it easy to respond to dynamic changes to your users and applications.

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