Compute Manager

Compute Manager Capabilities

Compute Manager offers a complete set of capabilities for users to run and manage HPC jobs from an easy to use web portal, and allows system managers to easily configure and maintain HPC environment settings remotely.

Additionally, Altair offers highly skilled services for a seamless deployment and customization of the products when required. Services span from installation on clients and/or servers to the complete setup of a turnkey HPC private cloud solution.

Submitting Jobs

  • Submit and run HPC jobs via a web-based GUI using PBS Application Services (PAS)

  • Use PAS Application Definition technology to
    easily define applications for job submission

  • Share application profiles with other users and groups

  • Save commonly used application and
    application inputs as profiles

Monitoring Jobs
  • List a real-time display of all currently
    running jobs

  • Filter and group jobs easily to better clarify the monitoring output

  • View/edit job output files either
    prior to job submission or during job
    execution (runtime)

Managing Remote Files
  • Real time access to the remote file
    system of the PBS Professional cluster

  • Providing the standard file operation tools you're accustomed to with your desktop file manager

  • Easily drag and drop project files onto applications for fast job submission

Reviewing Results

Results Visualization Service
(An extension to Compute Manager)
  • Improved user interface

  • Tightly integrated Results Visualization service and new Display Manager (BETA) allow exploration of huge datasets directly on the server-side

  • Performance improvement in handling series result files such as RADIOSS and Dyna animation

  • Available from remote file browser

  • Accessible from Job Monitoring as well as Remote file browser

  • Provides advanced job monitoring capability through inspecting and visualizing data from the solver log files

  • Allows visualization of animation and plot data for running and completed jobs through the Compute Manager file viewer

  • Provides ability to remotely execute/save result templates for extracting and visualizing results from huge result files

Access Management Service
(A centralized configuration system for defining users and their groups)
  • Specify which users and/or groups can use certain applications

  • Share application profiles with specific users and/or groups

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