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Oil and gas users generally have large clusters, and clusters need management. Both seismic processing and reservoir simulation are compute-intensive, so oil and gas has always been an early adopter of HPC technology. It’s also about ensuring that any task is using the right resources. PBS Works offers state-of-the-art HPC solutions for the Oil & Gas industry. Download the PBS Works solution brief for further details on how Altair delivers powerful solutions to the oil & gas industry.

PBS Professional allows geoscientists to focus on their work by providing a single, easy-to use interface to all computing resources. It keeps their large MPI jobs running, automatically detecting failed nodes and rescheduling around them, to deliver results as quickly as possible.

The oil and gas industry has been a long user of high performance computing for applications as diverse as seismic data acquisition to reservoir modeling and 3D-depth migration studies. High performance computing provides the crucial edge they need to gain sustainable competitive advantage in a rapidly changing world.

IT managers can use PBS Professional to make the greatest possible use of available computing cycles and to dynamically distribute workloads across wide area networks. This combination of simpler access, greater resiliency, and optimized use of software licenses and hardware enables managers to increase efficiency, contain costs, and reduce time to decision.

Read the integrated paper / how-to guide on how Schlumberger ECLIPSE integrated with PBS Professional covers the entire spectrum for optimized reservoir simulation.

Read a featured article from Scientific-Computing World on PBS Works' HPC solutions within the Oil & Gas industry.

Get the recent Altair-Cray Oil & Gas Component Engineering benchmark paper.

Key Software Integrations

PBS Professional is integrated with several key Oil & Gas software providers, including:

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